Birch Island Restoration and Trail Project

The waterways and wetlands of Birch Island provide a refuge for a diverse community of plants and animals. HWL is working with the Town of Happy Valley - Goose Bay, and other partners to restore unique wetland habitat found on the Island, and create place where visitors can appreciate the Island's beautiful landscapes, view wildlife,  and learn first-hand about the ecology of a wetland.

  • 25% of the first boardwalk loop is now complete (just over 1/2km)
  • Topsoil and grass at picnic area is in progress (grass seeded late July).
  • Additional work planned for this year: boardwalk link to parking lot at eastern entrance, gazebo at picnic area, parking lot at western entrance, outdoor classroom, rest areas and viewing decks.
  • With regards to concerns raised about vehicle access to the Birch Island beach: Construction plans include a western access point to the boardwalk by way of the TLH/Boat Club Rd., including and a small parking area. This parking area will be about 100ft from the beach, which will allow for closer access by vehicle.

Thank you for your patience and support!!

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