Projects & Initiatives

The work and long-term goals of HWL are driven by a guiding document published in 2012, a Comprehensive Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) for the Upper Lake Melville region of Labrador and its surrounding watersheds.

The CEMP was created as a result of over five years of discussion and consultation. Representatives of municipal, Aboriginal and Provincial governments, environmental groups and other members of the four Upper Lake Melville communities contributed to the identification of six overarching goals that are key to the rehabilitation and protection of the watershed in Central Labrador, and define HWL work mandate. These are:

  • Monitoring and protecting the Grand (aka Churchill) River.
  • Protecting wetlands and rehabilitating damaged wetland habitat.
  • Monitoring the health of our rivers.
  • Achieving full treatment of wastewater in the region’s four communities.
  • Documenting and remediating contaminated sites.
  • Reducing waste and eradicating littering and illegal dumping.


View the full CEMP.